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Bryce Martin Foundation

Established 2014


My name is Jonathan.

Jonathan sits in a fun chair and smiles.

I am 5 years old and I was born with a rare genetic disorder called Kabuki Syndrome. Given the nature of my diagnosis, I've had a complicated medical history, to say the least.  Some of my complications include severe myopia, childhood cataracts, and acute hypotonia. With the ongoing support of the Bryce Martin Foundation, I have achieved goals and have been provided opportunities I would have otherwise not had. The Exploration Learning Center has provided the space and support for me interact and learn in a safe and nurturing space. Thank you for supporting such a wonderful organization!

My name is Vedha.

Vedha peeks through a piece of pink paper with a heart cut out.

I am 4 years old. I was diagnosed with High Myopia when I was 6 months old. I have retinal problems, too. I never felt alone after visiting this foundation. This organization helped me in learning and exploring new things. I made wonderful friends and found great supporters. I am thankful to everyone who gave me this opportunity to be part of the Bryce Martin Foundation.

My name is Abby.

Abby smiles happily as she plays.

I am 3 years old. I suffered from Infantile Spasms as a baby that left me with severe developmental delays.  My current diagnosis is Delayed Visual Maturation, which impacts both my field of vision and the ability to process what I see. I love this foundation! It has given me and my typical twin sister a place to have fun together and explore the world in our own unique ways. Many thanks to everyone who supports this cause to give children the tools they need to grow, thrive, and be the special people they were born to be!

My name is Aubrey.

Aubrey laughs on her bike.

I am 4 years old. I love music, bubbles, water, and dancing! I was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia when I was 5 months old. The doctor said that I would never see, but I proved him wrong. I am still considered legally blind, but my parents are so proud of how I am using vision every day! I am so thankful for the Bryce Martin Foundation because it has helped me feel special and find friends who are just like me! I am in preschool now, but I am so excited for the summer when I can spend a week at the Exploration Learning Center! 

My name is Owen.

Owen shows a caterpillar on his arm.

I am almost 5 years old, and I was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I have severely reduced vision in my left eye and light perception in my right. I am super smart and love to make people laugh! I am thankful for this foundation because I (and my family) have had the opportunity to meet so many other families with kids just like me! 

My name is Grady.

Grady plays with his red toy car.

I am a Pediatric Stoke Survivor. I had three strokes during my first year of life. As a result, the right side of my body is weaker, and I have limited use of my right arm and no use of my right hand. I also have right sided hemianopia, which is where the right field of vision in both of my eyes is gone. I love this foundation because it has provided me with gymnastics classes that have helped me with my balance and my core strength in addition to my regular physical and occupational therapies!  This foundation has provided classes for kids with any type of special needs, and I have made some great friends!

My name is Owen.

Owen smiles from the top of a slide.

I am 2 years old. You can usually find me outdoors playing with my older brother or pushing my baby sister’s stroller on the sidewalk. I love cars, slides at the playground, music, chocolate chip cookies, and hugs. My family has always called me “Baby Blue” because of my sky-blue eyes. My mom says I am the happiest little boy she has ever known! I guess I smile a lot. I have optic nerve hypoplasia and am legally blind. I am blessed to be getting the specialized teaching services provided by the Bryce Martin Foundation, and I love attending the Exploration Learning Center. 

My name is Grace.

Grace smiles as she leaves for school.

I’m 6 years old and in kindergarten. I was born with cortical visual impairment. When other kids see my white cane, they ask what I can see. I tell them I have a boo boo on my brain that makes it harder for me to understand the things I see around me. My favorite book is Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder was an adventurous pioneer. In a lot of ways, I’m a pioneer, too. The fields of medicine and education are just starting to understand my form of visual impairment, and I’m helping pave the way. My family is hopeful because we know my vision can improve thanks to this big word: neuroplasticity. It just takes a lot of hard work! This foundation shows that our community is dedicated to kids like me!

My name is Ryan.

Ryan enjoys his new prescription sports goggles on a playground swing.

I discovered the Bryce Martin Foundation last year on the children's playground at the Kids Helping Kids Festival. I am super excited to announce today that I am now able to play out in the sun and stay happy and active thanks to my new Prescription Sports Goggles! Ryan’s family told us, "We are so grateful! It is the first time I have seen Ryan handle the sunlight without a hat and without ducking his head in pain. Ryan is beginning to walk independently and having the right prescription on him with the right tinting is going to make him not only safe but keep him happy and active outdoors! You have made a huge difference in our lives! Thank you for helping us!"

My name is Reid.


I am 5 years old.  I love monster trucks, farm equipment and construction vehicles. Outside is one of my favorite places to be! I was born with lots of fancy-named issues with my eyes like Bilateral Retinal Coloboma, Degenerative Myopia, Nystagmus, and Strabismus. That just means my eyes work differently than most kids my age. The little sight I have doesn’t slow me down from running and swimming and playing with my brother and my friends. Thanks to the Bryce Martin Foundation, I have been able to receive resources for me and for my parents. BMF helped me get new big boy glasses. They also helped my Mom and Dad by offering great information so they can help me live my best life at home and at school as I become more independent. I like doing things by myself, so I am glad Mom and Dad are learning how to let me! Thank you, thank you Bryce Martin Foundation for helping my family and many others!  

"All of us, at some time or other, need help."

-Mr. Rogers

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